And thank you for the happy birthdays~

well good night  all~ 

Quarrel: Hey there, Headshot. Quip and I wish you a happy birthday, now here's your present. *tosses Wendell a Black Box rocket launcher.*

OwO wass this? but thank you  uwu 

Yiu have a good birthday senpai! Enjoy yourself and eat as much cake as you can muster~ *he smiles and gives you a soft hug* Today is your day to enjoy yourself.

thanks  hadou <3   

this is miles your favorite former-bui wishing you a happy birthday and giving you all the hugs and kisses in the world!

*tackle hugs* Wappu! thank you<3

I'm so sorry daddy I wish there was a way I could get you a gift but I can't :( *hugs tight* Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely and fantastic day full of gifts and happiness from all of your friends and family !

*noses* thanks i will and don’t worry about it ~

Verde: happy birthday Wendell.

huggles thank you~

Sam: I hope you enjoy every last bite, cause it's all for you! *hugs and kisses* Happy Birthday!

thank you sam uwu 

but what. if a Berloom's cock can hyper-extend like their arms

what if~