Azura "O-oh, Wow. I've heard of 'mon fusing before but never like this..." He crouched down to get a better look at the cock that was Wendell. "Are, uh, are you still sentient?"

Atoh peers at Azura, blinking. “Oh hey, long time no see gaybutt.” He nods his head. “He is indeed, careful don’t get too clo-” Before he can finish talking…

Wendell jerks forward and mashes his slimy, wet lips to the Smeargle’s, kissing him and wiggling his gooey tongue inside the Smeargle’s mouth. It was sorta like giving head, cause Atoh shuddered and coo’d.

Can y'all still impregnate? If you can, whose child would it be? Both of yours(plus mother)?

I guess so owo But we’re gonna be careful not to do that~ x3;

*Hadou couldn't describe the feeling of his own senpai entering his warm insides with Atoh guiding him. The charmander bit his bottom lip and curled his toes, his rump jiggles as he's burrowed into* A-ahhhh~! Oh god!! *drool seeps from his mouth*

Atoh mashes his hips up against Hadou’s ass, letting out a sharp moan and leaning into him. He gets on all fours above the Charmander and lays onto him, kissing the back of his head. “Mhf…Fuck~”

- wendell was licking around his  inside   slurping and  nuzzling his  prostate  thrusting and   in and out of the char  moaning inisde  of him

The idea made her shudder and scratched her head "first of all... No breeding! Secondly... Fuck... The idea... Ahm sound too damn kinky" hesitates a lot

Atoh winks. “Well of course not, no babies, but you know what we meant~” He holds up a little berry and smiles. “Woo made these Ero berries, and I can make my seed infertile. So we’ll take one as well just to be safe.” He pops it in his maw and reaches out, grabbing her and pulling her up against his form, grinning and kissing her deeply to hush her complaints, while Wendell was left dangling between her legs.

*he  chuckled  which sounded  pretty silly,  he slithered up rubbing  against her cunt and pucker glazing  them with his  glowing pre seed  Mhhh~ such a nice  pussy~   *he prods  at  it  almost as  if trying to slip[ inside her*

Sky: Thats true >w>


*Hadou gulps with anticipation, turning himself around so his rump was facing Atoh. He raises his tail to reveal a gaped yet recovering warm tailhole, still wide from when Atoh pushed his way in. His cheeks turn a bright rosy pink.* hehe~ uwu

Atoh licks his lips and stares at that warm hole, snickering as he stands and waddles over to it, his cock still dangly. He puts his paws on Hadou’s hips and brings Wendell right up to the hole. “Alright baby, show him what you can do~”

*smiles  licking his tongue  out throbbing  and  nuzzling the chars  pucker  rubbing and  spitting over it, his  spit being  warm glowing pre  he wiggled before furiously  burrowing his way inside the charmanders  ass easing in like worm  -

Sky: Well can you at least experiment with someone thing that wont ruin my childhood

owo You’re already viewing pokemon porn. That’s too late.

Flinders in chubby quilava form: *I blush a little* you're welcome, maybe if both of you are up for it and ok with it, Wendell can come slip inside me and explore my rump~ ^///^

Ermmm, maybe, but we’re kinda getting our paws full here already~!

*her eyes twitch. She felt kinda trapped* oh fuck... Do I really not have other choice? I mean ya guys are fine, but this dick chu is weird... *eyes Wen a little*

Atoh smiles and lowers his paw. “Well of course you do. You don’t have to, obviously. We’d enjoy breeding you like this, but we won’t force you.”

Wendell nods his head and his little ears wiggle some, looking up at her and licking his tongue around his own head. “You’ve seen weirder Hannie! But imagine how good I’d feel being able to lick deep inside you too~”

The sane part of me says "I'm good", but the curious and sleep deprived part of me says "intriguing."

Haha x3;