have some hyper  anthro wendell~

have some hyper  anthro wendell~

Oh that's cool listen ukm this is weird to ask but can I rub your feet?

foot rub? sure 



At this point I have been awake for 31 Hours straight…I think I did good.

luv it!


Commission for Colson


Commission for Colson

show me your cock

OwO”  i uhhh….. don’t  have one atm 

hey there wendell *the metallic sylveon stares you down* i want to know how you feel

w..what do you mean? OwO”

do you still love Atoh?

eh i’d rather not talk about him. 

i'd totally fuck ra~ <3 guillaume too

 i need to use guillaume  some more people are starting to forget about him -~-

Forgive my ignorance, but want is Ra's Backstory? You should tag your art of him! I like seeing it~

just a  royal pokemon with a bad rep i guess uwu i’ll fully explain his back story soon.